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At Sydney Machinery Hire, we have an extensive range of excavators for hire to suit your project. Our excavator hire services are operated by a trustworthy and professional team that are able to assist you with keeping your deadline. We know that purchasing an excavator can be an expensive dent in your pocket, especially when different excavators are needed for different job sites. We provide the perfect solution to your problem, ensuring you are receiving the lowest prices at a fixed cost. Whether you’re working on a small or big job site, or if you need a mini excavator or an excavator for a civil excavation project, our range will have the perfect fit for your needs. Our excavators are the perfect tool for demolition projects, digging holes or trenches, lifting heavy objects and material handling, just to name a few.Sydney Machinery hire

Our Range

Our excavators range from super compact 900kg micros all the way to 40 tonne zero swing and tail units.This diverse range of late model excavators and well-maintained mini excavators ensures that the most suitable machinery for your excavation job is merely just a phone call away. From residential to commercial jobs, we endeavor to offer the most fitting solution for your excavation requirements. Our excavators for hire offer greater digging efficiency, giving this heavy machinery the opportunity to carry out a range of functions, from demolishing on a construction site to digging holes or trenches. We have both tight access machinery and bulky machinery to ensure we have the most convenient earthmoving solution for your project. All of the specifications, dimensions, and operating weights of our machinery are readily available so you can guarantee you are hiring the correct fit for your project.

Safety Standards

We guarantee high standards when it comes to operator safety. We achieve this by ensuring all of our machinery meets the manufacture’s specifications. Our excavation machinery are all equipped with ROPs protection, a flashing beacon, seat belt, and cut-out emergency stop switches where necessary. All of our excavation machinery is frequently maintained to ensure that we are only hiring out quality products to our customers. In addition to excavation hire, we also have a variety of excavator attachments to use together with the machinery to offer the complete solution to your application requirements. These include accessories like auger drives, hydraulic hammers, rock grabbers, rock breakers, and shaker buckets. We strive on providing convenience to our customers by offering the whole package for hire. Shaker buckets are the most common accessory to go with our excavators as they have a sharp edge designed to dig and scoop more efficiently. An augur is also a popular accessory to attach to your excavator as it gives you the opportunity to drill into the ground. If you’re worried about how to move the excavator to your site, leave your worries behind – we offer free trailers for your expediency.

Lowest Prices

We also offer same-day on-site quotes for our excavation hire and even offer same-day hire. We pride ourselves on having the lowest prices in the market. Use our online estimated free quote to see how our prices compare across the market. We also provide our loyal customers with cheap long-term rates to show our appreciation. Give our friendly team a call on 1300 304 157 or fill in the online form to see how we can make your excavator hire experience seamless. Contact us Today for a free quote.

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